Premier karting venue in Antalya, Turkey

Think of Karting as scaled down circuit racing, for as well as the vehicles being smaller the circuits are too; most karting is ‘short circuit’, although more powerful Superkarts (or Long Circuit Karts) do run on full-size race tracks.

The principle is the same as for circuit racing; karts go wheel-to-wheel and the winner is the first to reach the chequered flag, which falls after the designated number of laps is up.

Tracks - karts for children, juniors and adults in Antalya

Karting is split into four main categories: Cadet, Junior, Senior and Gearbox. To find out which is the one for you, get in touch with your local club. Most Kart events comprise practice sessions, qualifying, heats and one or two ‘finals’.

Multiple levels, hairpin bends, and plenty of straights for opening up on the throttle, our Tower Bridge track is our most high-tech and tense. Or should we say tracks – two separate 400m courses can be combined into one epic 800m endurance test!

Large Kart Fleet in Antalya, Turkey

With three race combinations on offer, there's plenty of opportunities to test your karting prowess, right in the centre of Antalya Turkey. We aim to bring mind-blowing karting to your doorstep, and with venues nationwide and plans for new go kart tracks in the pipeline, we are taking our aim seriously. It’s easy to find your local go karting venue and its features such as track length, speed and kart type as well as a few added extras such as on-site bars and restaurants. It is no wonder that we are #1 for indoor karting as we have all of the ingredients you need for a karting experience like no other. .

Fantastic motorsport experience for ages 8+. Antalya city offers all the fun of paintball without the pain and cost! Ultimate Laser Tag offering a real sci-fi adventure. You can experience the world of competitive motorsport – Challenge your friends to a full throttle race to the chequered flag!

Millions of people enjoy watching Formula 1 racing, or competing against the Playstation or X Box in a video racing game – few have the opportunity to pull on a racing helmet and line up on the starting grid waiting for the lights to change, with your heart pounding and adrenalin flowing!